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All pre-orders will close on Monday 11th of September! This is your last chance to pre-order Salvage Union and secure your copy of the game at the cheaper pre-order price. Salvage Union is a post-apocalyptic Mech tabletop roleplaying game, with accessible and easy to learn mechanics. You'll instantly receive a copy of the Salvage Union Core Book PDF with your pre-order of the Core Book. You'll also instantly receive a Digital copy of False Flag and We Were Here First! if you pre-order them. Estimated Delivery on all physical items is Q3 2023. All shipping is tracked and Tax & Customs Friendly with no fees for anyone in the United States, EU and UK.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Next Stretch Goal - £60,000 - Expanded Salvage Tables, Crafting and Campaign Mode! More Salvage Union Streaming & Playtests!
almost 2 years ago – Tue, Dec 21, 2021 at 02:52:48 PM

Next Stretch Goal - £60,000 - Expanded Salvage Tables, Crafting and Campaign Mode! 

We're excited to reveal details about the next £60,000 Stretch Goal. If we reach this goal of £60,000 we're going to expand out the games crafting system and salvage tables, meaning more salvage parts, a unique table for organic salvage and much more. We're also going to expand out the Campaign Mode to include additional survival rules that will interact with salvage as well as a wider variety of Crawlers, ways to expand your Crawler and additional rules, content and lore on exploring the wastelands. 

With all your amazing support we're confident we should reach this goal and we're excited to be able to add all of this additional content into the Core Book for you.

We're also prepping a much bigger update which we hope to be able to release this week. It will include more details on the third adventure module as well as our additional plans for stretch goals. We appreciate your patience in this!  

Salvage Union Playtest Games

We're still running regular playtests in the Salvage which you can find on the Discord which you can join here -

The next is Tuesday the 21st of December at 7 PM GMT and there's open slots! 

We wanted to make it clear that the playtest games aren't going to be a Kickstarter Campaign only thing. We'll be running playtests all year building up to the release and are planning on testing beyond the Quickstart Scenario with Campaign Mode playtests starting in January with more details on how you can sign up to those coming soon. 

We also encourage you to run games either on the Discord and we're happy to support you in running them by advertising for players as well as sharing our playtest documents, rules and such as they develop. If you're interested in running Salvage Union get in touch with Panny on Discord -


You can also e-mail us at [email protected] or message us via Kickstarter! 

Salvage Union Streamed Games

We're also so hyped that there's been such fantastic streams of the game already. The one run by FinnTheBInn last night was excellent and if you missed it you can view the VOD now here.

If you are a streamer interested in running Salvage Union please get in touch via Discord or e-mail or on Kickstarter and we'll do whatever we can to support including with rules, assets, signal boosting any anything else you think would be useful! 

Thanks again everyone and Happy Salvaging,

Panny & Aled

Leyline Press

55k Unlocked!
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Dec 18, 2021 at 12:47:05 AM

Hey Salvagers,

We did it! £55k has been unlocked and with that we'll be adding 50 new systems and modules to the game! 

We're excited to reveal to you a new System and Module we'll be including in the core book! 


Ion Particle Cannon - 2 SP damage - Long Range - 5 System Slots 

This advanced energy weapon causes a Mechs reactor to overload when hit. When a Mech is successfully hit with this weapon they must roll on the Reactor Overload Table.


MRSI Co-Ordinator - 2 EP - 1 Module Slot

As an action you may activate this module to paint a target within Close Range with a laser beam that laser guides missiles towards it.  All missile weapons fired by any allied Mech at a painted target will automatically hit until the start of your next turn.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Salvage Union  New Stream 10 pm GMT Sunday 19/12/21

There will also be another stream of Salvage Union at 10 PM GMT on Sunday the 19th. 

They will be playing a custom scenario where the pilots will be scouring the desert for the final recordings of a lost mech pilot in an adventure titled "Black Box"

You can view that here -

That's all for now folks. We'll be revealing the next stretch goals and more next week.  

Until then we hope you enjoy your weekend and happy salvaging! 

Panny & Aled

Leyline Press

£50k Unlocked! New £55k Stretch Goal - 50 new systems and modules in the core book.
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Dec 16, 2021 at 03:24:45 PM

Hi Salvagers,

We've hit the £50k goal! That means all backers at Digital Levels or higher will receive a free 3d printable STL of the Magpie mech. We can't wait to see those little guys stomping across the table.

Our next stretch goal is £55,000. If we hit this level we're going to add 25 new Systems and 25 new Modules to the core book in addition to the 50 Systems and Modules currently planned. This will bring the total up to 150 +. This will provide a slew of customisation options for your Mechs.    

If you're interested in seeing some of these Systems and Modules in action you can now view a live play of Salvage Union - The Downing of the Atychos by The Drunken Storyteller on YouTube here -  

This was from the stream the other night!

Happy Salvaging

Panny & Aled

Leyline Press

Salvage Union Live Streams and 50k close!
almost 2 years ago – Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 08:57:04 PM

Hi Salvagers,

A friendly reminder a live stream of Salvage Union by Chaotic Neutral Games will be running in just about 1 hour from this post at 8 PM GMT/UTC. 

You can watch it here -

If you missed the Salvage Union stream last night you can watch the VOD now too! -

Join the Discord to watch along with everyone here -

We're super close to 50k and unlocking that awesome Magpie STL and we can't wait to reveal what we have coming up next for stretch goals.

Happy Salvaging!

Panny & Aled

Leyline Press 

£45k stretch goal unlocked, new £50k Stretch Goal free Magpie STL and Salvage Union Live Streams!
almost 2 years ago – Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 04:05:21 AM

Hi Salvagers,

We've hit £45k in the blink of an eye. That means the core game will now include at least 30 different Mech chassis, all with their own art, abilities and rules. We're really happy we can include this as we unsurprisingly are a big fan of mech designs and want to get as much variety as possible into the game.

50k Stretch Goal - Magpie 3d printable STL! 

Our next £50k Stretch Goal will unlock a free, 3d printable STL for all backers at the Digital Level or Higher. This will let you 3d print a miniature of the iconic Magpie on the front cover of Salvage Union. Though we do view Salvage Union as primarily a theatre of the mind, narrative focussed game, we can't say no to a cool mech miniature even if it is just for decoration! 

Magpie STL

If that wasn't exciting enough we've also got some  news on Salvage Union Streams. If you've been wanting to watch Salvage Union live now is your chance!

The Drunken Storyteller Salvage Union Live Stream

Fiona from the What Am I Rolling Podcast is guest hosting a live stream of Salvage Union on The Drunken Storyteller Twitch channel. You can view that in just about an hour at 7 PM GMT today (13/12/2021) here -

Chaotic Neutral Games Salvage Union Live Stream

If you can't make that there's another stream being run by Chaotic Neutral games at 8 PM GMT on Tuesday this week. (14/12/2021) You can view that here -

Just like British Buses you wait for them for ages then two come at once aye...

The VODS for both of these streams should also be available at a later date for viewing however we encourage you to join and watch live, we'll be in the stream chat for both games and watching and chatting along in the Salvage Union Discord which you can join here -

What Am I Rolling Podcast Interview

If you want to hear more about Salvage Union Panny & Aled had an interview with Fiona (who is running the game on the Salvage Union Stream tonight - 13/12/21) You can listen to that here -

Thanks again Salvagers for all your amazing support.